A Contest Within a Contest!

As many of you may already know, Dyson Logos has a mapmaking contest.  My own entry surprised even me with its level of pulpy absurdity, and I found myself wondering what the hell I’d do with this, this… thing.  That’s when it hit me!  I’ll piggyback on Dyson’s well-deserved popularity like the smelly parasite I am, and do my own contest!


So here’s the deal.  You run a one-shot adventure with this map, and submit an AP report to joachimheise at gmail dot com.  The report can be typed, video highlights w/commentary, podcast style, origami, whatever, as long as it conveys the story of your adventure through this, this… thing.  Bonus imaginary high fives for including statted out monsters or NPCs, any additional player handouts, etc.  I’ll be periodically posting these APs here as they trickle in.

As with Dyson’s contest, I’ll be doing a lottery draw of all the submissions, because well, look at my stuff.  I’m in no position to judge anyone.  I think I’ll actually put all your names in a hat and upload a video of me drawing, cuz that’d be fun, right?  I’m thinking one winner in every 5 submissions.  If, by some miracle, I get in substantially more than a handful of submissions, I might have to increase that to every 10 submissions.  Each winner will receive a free commission from yours truly.  This can take the form of one of the following:

  1. Another absurd adventure map, (possibly somewhat) less half-assed, 300dpi with a pdf walkthrough, built around a theme/concept of your choice.
  2. A piece of gaming table music/soundscape custom-built to your specifications.
  3. A picture of me eating spaghetti.

As we all know, it takes considerable time for some of us to get a group together and play something new, especially if that something is out of your average gamer’s comfort zone.  With that in mind, the contest will carry on until April 15th.  That means you guys have almost 2 months to get your shit together.  Break a leg, folks!


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