Positive-Plane Energy Poisoning

So this is one for those familiar with the multiverse of Planes in Forgotten Realms etc.  I’ve equated energy from the Positive Material Plane with radiation, and thus whipped up a nifty little series of horrific saves for creatures thus inflicted.

Creatures subject to Positive-Plane energy poisoning make the following poison saves, moving down the list each round until a save is made.  Each failed save accumulates a -1 penalty on future saves.

Short-Term:  (each round)

1.  Confusion (as per spell)
2.  Bleeding from all orifices for 3 turns (1 Wound Check/round)*
3.  Unconsciousness.

Long-Term:  (each morning)

4.  Bone marrow dessication, -3 DEX permanently

5.  Fever for 1d4 days, -1 WIS per day permanently
6.  Hair loss, -1 CHA (-4 for Dwarves)
7.  Continued Bleeding 1d4 days (1 Wound Check/turn)*

Endgame:  (each tenday)

8.  Eye cataracts, rapid degeneration results in permanent blindness in 1d10 days

9.  A Vomiting, 3-hour-long death.

Cure Disease, Remove Curse, Neutralize Poison, Slow Poison and other restorative magics will have no bearing on the practical effects of failed poison saves, with two exceptions:  Regeneration will cure 4), 6), and 8), and healing spells will still heal damage.  If the victim dies, the body will remain irradiated for 1d10 years, and will thus be forced to continue with the checks where he left off if resurrected.  However, once a save is made, there is no need to make further checks as long as the creature leaves the irradiated AoE within 1 turn.

Recuperation from that point requires a number of tendays equal to the last save’s number on the list.  For example, having saved successfully from eye cataracts, a creature would still have to spend 8 tendays recovering.  Any strenuous effort during this time causes a creature to have to start from the top of the list again, with a cumulative save penalty equal to the number of weeks of recovery left.

*Wound Checks are referring to my Houserule Wounds system  The HP equivalent to a Wound Check would be something like 1 to 3 HP in this case.


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