Bhalakyne’s Bookmark

Slumping away the mangled bodies of its nobleman passengers, you find in the overturned carriage a simple wooden gift chest.  In the chest is a lone scroll with a footnote that reads;

To my faithful apprentice.  While inspecting the spellwards this morning, I was rather disturbed to find that the silent alarm on a certain door in my library had been tripped.  Unfortunately, more pressing matters called me away shortly thereafter, so I cannot be there myself to look into it.  Take this key and return to the grounds after dark tonight. I want you to do some sleuthing.  Use this scroll, and send word immediately ere you discover who has been reading, and what it is that they have read, in the forbidden section of my library.

Signed, Bhalakyne of the Emerald Rookery

Lv 4 Divination Image

Range: 0

Components: V, S, M

Duration: 1 round/level

Casting Time: 1 round

Area of Effect: none

Saving Throw: Special


To cast this spell, the caster places a single pearl upon an ordinary, plain bookmark. Over the course of a round, as the caster mutters and waggles the appropriate eldritch prompts, the pearl melts and insinuates itself onto the bookmark in elegant inlaid whorls. Starting next round, once per round for the duration of the spell, the bookmark may be touched to any book, letter, scroll or similar reading material, and relay certain information to the caster. The caster will gain immediate knowledge of which pages were viewed last time the book was open, and will view the event in his mind’s eye for as long as the bookmark is touching the material.  This viewing is purely visual, and may be performed only once per object.


This spell may be cast in conjunction with the following spells, to great effect: True Seeing, Infravision, Ultravision, Detect Invisibility, Detect Illusion, or Detect Phase will allow the caster to purge subterfuges and camouflage from his vision. A Haste spell, cast on the reading material by touch, will double the viewing speed, thus providing the caster with twice as much information in the same amount of time.


Bhalakyne’s Bookmark is especially powerful in that it is immune to any detection on the part of the creature who last read the material, as the scrying occurs in the reader’s future, and thus cannot be detected during the reading. However, the reading material itself may, if it is magical, have (had) its own protections against Bhalakyne’s Bookmark.


Material components are an ordinary bookmark and a pearl. After the duration, the items remain fused, and become a mundane, ridiculously ornate bookmark which the caster might be able to sell for the original value of the pearl, if he finds some ostentatious fop who likes that sort of thing.

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