Palahadros’ Pomicultural Purloining

large-fruit-basketAn incredibly petty spell, created out of small-minded malice by one Palahadros of Baldur’s Gate. Rumour has it that he fell into some sort of spat with the local Greengrocers’ Guild over the rather unfortunate and violent juxtaposition of several market stalls and a conjured cow; pride was wounded, vows hurled, and a veritable saga of enmity began, of which this spell is but one chapter (one of the more pleasant ones, in fact).


Palahadros freely shared the wands he crafted out of this spell with several local urchin gangs, which act of questionable philanthropy led to what is still spoken of irreverently in the marketplace as the Day of Hurled Melons.


Lv. 1 conjuration/summoning

Range: 1 km

Components: V, S, M

Duration: Instant

Casting Time: 2

AoE: 1 fruit

Save: Special


By means of this spell, the nearest fruit of a type specified in the casting is conjured into the mage’s hand. Magical fruit, and fruit in the possession of others, get saving throws. The material component is a preserved branch that once bore fruit. This branch is reusable.


Alternately, this branch may be imbued with the spell, and placed in the hand of any other being. The branch will obey, and respond to fruit names as command words, summoning up to 3 fruits for its wielder before withering into nothing. The preserving oils necessary cost 1 sp.


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