Stormtrooper Inferno (cursed aura)

So I have a vague idea for a magical item or ability. You know how stormtroopers never hit the heroes? Well, this item, let’s say it’s a pendant with the Rebel insignia over a bullseye, curses the wearer with a continuous barrage of heavy fire from stormtroopers via extradimensional murder holes (or, OR! even better, they are gated in in clusters, and continually replaced every 5th round).

The wearer and his companions are never hit, but every creature, and every noteworthy object within a certain radius of the wearer must take (lv)d6 damage at the beginning of each round, save vs br. weapon for half. Penalties for narrow corridors etc.

Now go put this in your game!

Some tips: Don’t tell your players what this does, pop a Nystul’s Magical Aura on it so it defies identification. Just hit em with the stormtroopers charging in around every corner and roll lots of meaningless dice behind the screen. Give them xp for stormtroopers downed, until they clue in. Then, stormtroopers only count as downtime weapon training.

Also, there’s a danger in overusing this. Darth Vader might wonder where all his troopers have gotten to, and ride the Deathstar in on a wormhole…


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