Resources, fiddlings, ideas

This section is for all of my weird little ideas.  Most of them are adaptable to any given system or setting.  Some of them are just absurd artifacts, modern-art game design pieces of questionable utility.


This Origins system is for designing a character’s background.  It might be the seed for some future game design, but for now, I’m just giving it out as a tidbit of interest.  Feel free to use or adapt it as you will!



This is just silly.

Sheep-Mounted Satanists Bazooka-Jousting au Naturel in a Jello Arena


As is this.

Random Item Generator

If you’re tired of the same old weapons and items, (acid hammer +2, ring of invisibility or whatever,) why not try adding some verve to your campaigns with a Fuzzy Toothbrush of Despair, or this handy pair of Rocketeer’s Noseplugs of Lunacy?

What people have to say about the random item generator:

“I’ve always wanted a loud hat that floated.”

“What the f*** am I supposed to do with THAT?!”


2 thoughts on “Resources, fiddlings, ideas

  1. hi there, i found my way here after reading about your post-apocalyptic caveman game and was just wondering what became of it, it sounded really cool from what i read on the Forge’s forum.


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